Buy your games here and help the sites

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Buy your games here and help the sites

Postby Luc » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:43 pm

Hope everyone's enjoying the new sites and the streamlined forum - we're hopefully over the hump of launch now (and all it's inherent problems, although there are a few issues still) - however, there's a few things still to do and add to the sites - they won't stand still for a year at a time from this point on.

With the new sites comes new hosting - the new hosting company has been pretty awesome at helping getting everything up and running, and for the oomph that our hosting has it's pretty good value for money (when the WordPress caching plugin works as it should!).

It isn't free however, and that's where you lovely people come in;

We've got a range of advertisers for the network of sites now, and they're hopefully more relevent to you as a demographic. We make money from every sale made after you click on one of our banners or links - all we're asking you to do is buy through our links if you were going to buy something from one of those advertisers anyway.

There's a host of great games coming out, for all formats, most of which I suspect you'll be buying one or two of - if you buy it through us, we make some money, which goes straight back to a) the servers and b) prizes for upcoming competitions (we do have them in mind).

We'll be posting direct links to all the upcoming games, either new releases or pre-orders throughout this thread - please take a look every now and then before you buy something, and go through us to make your purchase.

We've not made a dime so far for all the years that WENB / FSB has been running, and to continue to make it the success it is (which in no small part is down to you), we could do with this one favour...

Buy your games from Zavvi, here;

Help support Kitana | WENB | FSB | PSGB by buying from:
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Re: Buy your games here and help the sites

Postby lovepes » Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:25 am

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Re: Buy your games here and help the sites

Postby PESWENB » Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:40 pm

Most of those links in your signature don't work anymore, they need updating and i've never seen any competitions on this site yet.
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