Newbie questions - formations and other things

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Newbie questions - formations and other things

Postby pEst410 » Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:13 pm

Hi, I'm new to PES coming from FIFA, so sorry if what I ask has been discussed a lot, I couldn't find it in search. I'm enjoying this game but a few things seem strange to me. Any comments/tips/solutions or workarounds I'm not aware of will be helpful!

Too few! Is this how it's always been with PES or are there less than before? Also, is there any way to go back to default formation once you use a different one in master league???? I can't find a way. Makes no sense! And I can't edit them (bring players forward or backwards slightly or to the sides)...?

I usually have the setting manual so far, but the UI here is weird. So if I choose to have the manager doing it for example, but then I still go to the 1/2/3 screens and edit stuff there, will it be the manager or my settings? In my view, if I choose to have the manager doing it, it shouldn't let me edit those screens?

Forward sprinting
Why can I never out-run the defence? They always catch up with me even if the distance they cover is longer! Conversely, when I'm defending, I often can't catch up with an attacker on the run, but the opposite is never true.

1st/2nd half balance (maybe stamina)
My matches usually go like this: great 1st half, more than 50% possession, 1 or 2 goals up. 2nd half the opposite team dominates, I take 1 goal or 2. Most common result is me winning 2-1 like this (regular). I notice that with 20 mins to go my center midfielders and attackers have only a tiny bit left on the stamina bar, is this normal or am I making them run too much? How much stamina would be normal to have at the end?

Just standing there
If one of my fullbacks has the ball near the penalty area and I just let him stand there, no one of the opposite team comes to get it. I could just score 1 early and then do this and the clock would run out and I'd have nearly 100% possession and win!

When I do it, they never hit one of my players!?

Defence caught out
On some games my defence keeps getting caught out, it's too much forward and then one of the attackers escapes and makes a run for the goal. It seems my defence is to blame. Other games my defence is more to the back and this doesn't happen. Same formation and one-touch setting. Why is this?

Too hard to pull! Only training session I couldn't pass, would sometimes (rarely) do the 1st but never the 2nd! Is it a nightmare or is it just me?

Team inbalance
I lose 2-0 with the last placed team in my national league and they walk all over me, and then I beat PSG 3-1 in the champions league the next game?
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Re: Newbie questions - formations and other things

Postby pEst410 » Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:01 pm

Just a follow-up: I can see there's a way to bring default formation back if I restore defaults in Data Management, but that restores defaults to everything else as well.

Also, now playing with default formation I score more goals and my players tire less, but most of them still finish the game with zero stamina... Not sure if this is normal, it's very different from FIFA.

And of course, the computer always has to score 1 goal at least regardless of my tactics. I don't think I've managed to finish a game with a clean sheet yet.
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