Solution for Tournament Mode in Fifa 14

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Solution for Tournament Mode in Fifa 14

Postby nadim86 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:44 pm

Due to the lack of Tournament Mode in Fifa14 and since my friends and I really wanted to move to PS4, I developed a simple Windows application that will manage our league for us. If you guys already have PS4/XboxOne and really want to have your friends over and play league mode, feel free to download and use it. For us it's good enough, maybe it will be for you as well.

It's a simple application (less than 100KB) that allows to create up to 6 team's league and it will schedule all matches automatically and fairly. All is needed is to enter the result of each match, the app will update the table automatically.

Any requests or bugs found, please feel free to PM me.

Below link includes the exe file, a screenshot and a readme file.


Below is information about the application.

1- Windows 7 or later
2- Microsoft .NET framework (~2MB Download from ... aspx?id=21)

1- Up to 6 teams league
2- Automatic and fair match scheduler
3- Full league table which includes: Position, Team Name, Games Played, Wins, Losses, Draws, Goals, Goals Difference and Points.
3- League table which is automatically updated after each match
4- Manual table for entering 1/2 weeks suspension/injury

1- Choose the number of teams from list
2- Click on "New League"
3- Add each team by its name and click "Add Team"
4- After adding all teams, clikc "Start League"
5- The application will display the next match to be played in the bottom of the window
6- Once the match is over, choose the result from the list and then click "End Match"
7- The table will be updated according to the result
8- Click "Next Match" to continue to next match

1- Only up to 6 teams are supported
2- It is not possible to "Undo" any match/result once the button "End Game" is clicked
3- No support for red-cards/injuries auto reminder
4- To start a new league, restarting the application is required
5- No save option
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