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FIFA 11 @ E3

Not been able to get anything from EA regarding their involvement at E3 unfortunately, but luckily EA’s insider blog has given us some specific dates and times FIFA 11 will be featuring. Taken from... Read more

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FWC Update Hits

With FIFA 11 news taking centre stage, lets not forget Simon Humber’s little gem. The official footy game of the World Cup has had a squad update today, so make sure you download it! There’s also... Read more

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Know Your FIFA History?

Over on the PES side there’s a lot of talk about history and past glory, where as FIFA is the game that most seem to feel is the here and now. Because of that, many don’t know too much about the... Read more


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Press FIFA 11 Impressions Video

Thanks to fifa_king, we have a video showing press impressions: Don’t forget, we have a podcast with our man in Vancouver Chris Davies, and he’s currently taking questions from the community.... Read more

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FIFA 11 Images

I’m sure you’ve seen these by now, but in case you need a reference point, visit VGZ for all of them ;) Click here to view. Looking good, with clearly improved faces and player models. ... Read more